Saturday, September 26, 2009

Belonging to...

Gratitude Journal:
1. Writings of Henri Nouwen and Richard Rohr
2. The Enneagram
3. Honesty that sets FREE - with ones-self and with others!
4. College football
5. Tyler Perry's latest movie -
I CAN BE BAD ALL BY MYSELF... (I identify!)

It is easier to belong to the group than belong to God!

Lord -

Forgive me when I hide in the shadows of 'my group' and do not stand,
much less speak up for justice.
When 'my group' takes presidence over Your love and grace and will

When the power I have could make a difference, but I am scared
I might loose something - it might cost me - I might have to sacrifice
When I like being a white male more than brother to a black or Korean man
When I see men as superior to women
When I listen to a hurtful joke about someones sexuality and do not challenge the offense
When I feel glee because some states move from red to blue or vise versa...
When I expect privilege because of my education,
rather than advocating for support for public schools
When I look for ways to beat 'the system' instead of changing the system to benefit more...
When I anticipate the best seat,
immediate access to my doctor,
bigger returns on my investments,
and never think of those who stand with bowed heads and humble hearts
at the back of the line
or those who walk for days carrying hopelessly ill children
to meet a doctor, who serves in a hut without supplies
or those who break their backs in hard labor in hot sun or on the coldest of days
to make sure that I have enough to eat or that I have all my ' comforts'
in order to live as a 'successful' Middle Class American...

Yes Lord - it is easier for me to 'belong to my group(s)'
than belong to YOU.

Who am I kidding Lord?

Forgive me Lord - forgive...


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seeing with new eyes

Gratitude -
1. Annual Family Reunions
2. Times when time stands still -
(unfortunately these are too few!)
3. Trusting family and friends
4. Being embraced by rainy, cloudy days

When we can see the image of God where we don't want to see the image of God, then we see with eyes not our own. RR

Lord - for those times when I resist Your leading I pray for forgiveness.
There are times when I don't want to have new eyes. When I don't want to see the pain, suffering, heartache, and fears of those around me. I fear the cost...

I fear that I may be called to respond, and I don't want too. I have other agenda items on my to do list. Even if I have the money - or time - the cost to me appears too great. I might have to lay aside my desires and my plans and get involved. It might be ongoing and I don't want to be tied down, Lord.

Forgive me...

Grant this day I would have eyes to see. Your eyes of compassion and strength. That I would rely on You and willingly follow Your agenda this day. May I offer hope and be an instrument for Your peace.

Through Christ I pray -


Sunday, September 13, 2009


1. the capacity to begin again...
2. renewal - not retreading!
3. quiet
4. velvet covered bricks
5. candles

"Because you say 'I see' your guilt and blindness remain." (John 9:41)

Lord, I don't want to hear these words. I want to believe that I do see.
That I have a grasp of exactly who You are and Your will for everyone.
I want to know that I am in the right and that I am not following the wrong path.
I desire certainity and assurance and rock solid knowledge of You.
And all You offer is 'walk by faith' ...

I need Sabbath to be reminded - of the journey and Your invitation
That I am not alone - that You offer something more than the 'stuff'
with which I generally fill up my days.

As I enter this river once again, I know I am not the same (thank God)
While I have changed and entered new passages, the river still flows.
You are the same, Lord - the same grace and mercy and hope abide.

On this bright new morning may I be open to receive and grow some more.
May I never believe that 'I see...' - but may I trust and risk some more.
Thank You for the gift of life and relationships and may I open more -
and embrace what You have in store

Through Christ I pray

Thursday, September 10, 2009

21st Century Faith

1. Letting go of 'stuff'...
2. When unexpected doors open!
3. Persons who are present in relationships
4. Fresh vegetables
5. Innocence

Trying to make sense out of 21st Century faith issues seems to get more difficult every day!
Trying to understand people, so very different in language and culture - they use to be so far away...
Trying to speak about faith and hope, grace and mercy, in a world that seems to have gone insane.
Trying to embrace the new, without giving away the precious things, filled with meaning

May I stop trying so hard to 'do' fatih and learn to 'have' faith
May I begin to 'do' more faithing and stop trying to 'have' it all
May I remember it is not up to me
May I see You and commit to follow wherever You lead...