Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where will the 'Cross' roads take us this year?

     1. Grateful for 'spring green'...
     2. Grandkids visits during Spring Break
     3. Young folks committed to living 'green'
     4. Two days of Coach Training, successfully completed!
     5. The POWER of Coaching to change lives.

In these days following EASTER, we often fall back into old routines and habits.  The joy of the celebration we shared seems to dull in a short time.  How do we stay the course?  What can guide our path during the days ahead?

I heard an EASTER reflections from some radio preacher that briefly mentioned the term 'cross' roads.  For some reason, it struck a cord with me this time, that had not been struck before...  Most often I am reminded of a friends faith community that is called the Crossroads Church.  And I simply think of the building's location at the country cross roads where it has stood for years.

However, this time 'cross' roads meant for me the roads I might traverse in days following the big day of EASTER. 

Our Catholic brethren honor the cross which always displays the crucified Christ.  Most protestants honor the cross, but their symbol is empty.  When pressed to discuss the difference, clergy in main line churches may say that they worship the risen Christ and it is hard to display a symbol of an empty tomb. 

It might be a worthy goal for Christians to consider naming their path - the 'cross' roads...  Roads that lead us away from the tomb and toward service and the joy of our faith.  What will your 'cross' roads be today - this week - this month - throughout the year ahead?  I pray that I will remember this simple term and embrace the challenge that Christ still sheds light on our path and if we dedicate that path back to God in humble service - they can become true 'CROSS ROADS'!