Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"If I Go Up To The Mountain..."

Gratitude Journal - 7-12-12
1. Mountains of North Georgia
2. Annual vacation with family
3. Pontoon Boat with trolling motor
4. Watching July 4th fireworks with grands!
5. Massive Cabin on HIGH mountain, curvy road...

"If I go down - You are there...
If I go up - You are there!"

Vacations are always a joy when spent renewing relationships with family! To have the blessing of spending over a full week with our children, our daughter-in-law, the grand kids, Kerrie - our adopted daughter - and our niece and three of her kids - priceless.

On many of the early mornings when I sat along on the massive screened porch and watched the sun come up over the mountains OR riding on a quiet lake with Beth watching the sun go down - how could one not be filled with the Holy Spirit and look all around and see witness of God? Even though several of the days were very hot, it was a delight to have that pause from our hectic, day to day life...

While we were there we did 'go down' to depths of despair for the pain and woundedness of relatives. We heard stories we were not aware of previously. We recognized pain and sorrow, long standing!

Upon our return we were presented with the reality that 'grandma' had not been treated with respect and honor for which she is due, at the 'home' that is charged with her care. That too felt like 'going down to the depths'...

However, our stay in the mountains was a respite and renewed our hope and joy and provided the backdrop we needed to return and face the challenges before us. It did and will continue to serve as one of many Sabbaths for which we are grateful!

Thanks be to God for this gift. Even if we do not have such a gift of time 'away to the mountains' again, I pray that this past week will continue to be not only a blessed memory, but a renewal point in our minds eye to which we can return over and over again.

May you too have such a gift this summer - at the beach, in the mountains, with your family or church, in your backyard, wherever...