Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CAVE People: Citizen Against Virtually Everything

Gratitude Journal 10-10-12

     1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our first born - love ya son!
     2. Great meeting with local congregation sharing intro to Male Spirituality
     3. Fall - Autumn - this time of year, whatever you call it...
     4. Home-made chocolate cake - even if I did bake it myself (right out of the box - ha)
     5. Feeling 'organized' - even if it was only for a day.

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord... "plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

Have you noticed how many people seem so caught up in the national elections even to the point they are willing to loose friends and create enemies?  I must have crossed some threshold (must be an age thing, maybe...) because it doesn't seem to be effecting me in the same way this time around. 

Oh, I still have my preferences for president/vice-president and I will definitely vote my conscious as always.  AND I have not drunk the 'koolaid'!  I believe very passionately in my candidate and the values of the party I support.  However, I am not planning on calling people names because they differ with my vote.  I am not going to belittle anyone or post messages on FaceBook calling for the wrath of God (or my other 'friends') upon those who differ. 

The amazing thing for me is how many people seem to be bent on tearing down instead of building up!  (I think the candidates are doing fine in that arena all by themselves!!!) It appears some people want to throw stones instead of building bridges.  They have drawn a circle and find it easy to leave lots of American Citizens out... just because they differ.  When pressed, they never say what they are for - it is rarely about a long held value or because they like their candidate more.  No... it is simply that they are 'against' a party or a candidate.  They don't want to spend time telling me why I should vote for their candidate, they are just against! 

But, come to think about it - these are the same people who are typically against most everything!  If someone says it is a beautiful day, they say it is cloudy or to cold or hot, it is the wrong season, time of day, or they don't like the day of the week.  If you share a current success, they rain on the parade because they didn't have a 'success' recently (even though they are blessed beyond measure). 

I am generally an optimistic person.  I am not Pollyanna about life.  I have lived long enough to know that everything doesn't work out great.  I am aware that there are lots of people in pain and suffering.  Life is 'tuff' for a host of people today!  There are folks with chemical imbalances, etc... AND I do work in mental health.

However, I have a growing consciousness that I do not want to spend my days strategizing how to pull people down more!  I do not want to give others any power that is mine, allowing them to determine my mood.  I choose not to join in with others to cast negative, vindictive motives onto every subtle difference between me and those who see the world differently.  I will not embrace the idea that there is a special place in Hell for those who hold an opinion that is contrary from my own!

I make a decision not to join the CAVE People: Citizens Against Virtually Everything!