Sunday, June 12, 2011

With THANKSGIVING and appreciation for Fran

Gratitude Journal
1. Friendly times with new neighbors
2. Great worship!
3. Slow steady rain... on hot, dry days
4. SUPERMAN Undies (thanks Harper!)
5. BRAVES winning streak!

(In tribute to Fran Magoni, as she leaves the Pastoral Institute to move to the Macon Georgia area, to follow where God may lead her to offer her talents in ministry!)

"The person who trusts the Lord will be blessed." Jeremiah 17:7

I have known Fran since she arrived at the Pastoral Institute ___ years ago. She began her career with us as a secretary/receptionist for the Clergy Resource Center. Through the years her talents have been utilized in many ways including through the Servant Leadership program and most recently with our Right from the Start initiative.

At each turn along her path she has moved with greater and greater openness to the task before her. She was over-qualified to serve administratively. Yet she took on the opportunity with a smile and brought efficiency to the office. Later when she moved to Servant Leadership she did so with joy and excitement for the young people with whom she worked. I never witnessed her pointing accusatory fingers toward these young scholars for some blemish or failure, although I am sure many dropped the ball when Fran thought it was in secure hands.

Her recent leadership role at the Pastoral Institute has been - according to her words - a passion. Her desire to see folks experience wholeness and health in their significant relationships has been awesome to watch unfold. She has worked tirelessly on each new program, event, or aspect of our program. She has indeed been passionate. She has been a fierce defender of the great potential of this initiative and because of her belief that RFTS can make a difference, she has tackled tasks and obstacles with grace and a bright smile. And she biting her tongue when she had too.

What is it about Fran that I most admire? While we have not always agreed, throughout these years I have grown to appreciate Fran's faith. She truly trusts her Lord. While she does not wear it on her sleeve, she is willing to take a stand for what she believes is right and she trust that if she gives her best, God will bless the effort. That is a lesson I need not only to observe, but also to seek to emulate more within my own life. I sincerely appreciate the seeds you have planted and I know they will bear fruit for years to come.

Fran, thank you for being the gift you are and for coming my way! Please know I personally will miss you. I pray that our paths will cross again and often. And I rest assured that because of your strong faith God will continue to bless and use you in wonderful ways.