Monday, June 21, 2010

What do boys need from their fathers?

Gratitude Journal
1. The gift of observing my son as a father! - Great job...
2. The gifts from my own father -
even though unintentionally wounding, many gifts indeed!
3. Significant men along my path who have personally 'fathered' me - THANKS
4. The ancient fathers in the faith - for their legacy
5. The HOLY FATHER - who welcomed this prodigal home...

The following is a passage from Richard Rohr's writings. It was recently part of his daily devotional thoughts provided through the Center for Action and Contemplation. I find his offerings always stir my own faith journey! This one specifically spoke to me both personally and professionally. MAY IT BE A GIFT TO YOU!

What do boys need from their fathers?

When I was giving priests’ retreats in Peru, a sister working in the main prison in Lima told me a story I have never forgotten. She said as Mother’s Day was approaching the prisoners kept asking for Mother’s Day cards. She brought card after card so they could write to Madre. As Father’s Day approached she decided to be better prepared. She bought an entire case of Father’s Day cards, so she could give them to the prisoners when they asked. She told me that case is still sitting in her office because no one asked for a Father’s Day card. She couldn't give them away!

My friend looked at me with tears in her eyes because she understood the source of so much suffering. She realized so many of the men were in prison because they never had a good father or a father at all. Sometimes I think the “father wound” might be the most common wound on this earth.

I wonder if the jails and prisons of the world would not be much emptier if young boys had fathers to bless them, encourage them, and initiate them into manhood.

God save us - God heal us - God encourage hope in us


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beth Retires... and Moves to Next Chapter!

Gratitude -
1. Vocation and Calling
2. Friends and loved ones on the journey...
3. Planting seeds
4. Companionship!
5. New chapters in life

"By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done." Genesis 2:2

I have always believed that the story of God 'working' for seven days and completing His weeks work was just part of a bigger story. In verses regarding creation of human-kind it indicates that God invites His creatures to 'name the animals and be fruitful and multiply.' In other words, creation was not finished. O'Conner's book - Eighth Day of Creation primed that pump for me.

Since then, I have believed God got up on that eighth day and continued the process He had begun the first week. However, now He had helpers-partners. And I also believe that 'creation' continues to unfold even unto this day!

Well, she's gone and done it... Beth retired as a public school educator! Really can't believe it has been a thirty five year journey and now this chapter has drawn to a close. Counting the years she taught in a Hebrew Academy and an Assemblies of God school, Beth actually has recorded close to 40 years instructing, encouraging, nurturing, and/or administering on behalf of children. The special needs of gifted kids has been her passion.

But this year the stars aligned and the tea leaves indicated it was time. She indicated her concern for the transitions that lie ahead for public education. Unfortunately it seems more and more to be two steps forward and THREE STEPS BACK. Politics, money and expectations to do more with less stack up to a discouraging outlook. "It is time for the younger set to tackle these issues with new insight and energy."

So - now my wife will enter a new chapter in her life. It will take some getting use too, on her part and mine.

But I believe she too has several more chapters in her partnership with God and the gifts He has given her!

Grand kids are a priority and I'm sure they will see Nonny more often. Yet, I believe there is too much life and interest and enthusiasm for Beth to just sit through these next years. She brings so many talents.

I thank God for Beth and her passion for children. Early on it was an adjustment for us when the school year took so much of her attention. Yet, I applaud that she pursued her 'calling' and for the benefit she has been to so many children that did not have a voice. There are countless 'at-risk' kids, gifted kids, regular kids, failing kids, lost kids, sick kids, blessed kids that have been touched by her hands and her love.

Whatever you choose to do, just know that the seeds you planted will bear fruit for years and years to come! I love you!!!