Sunday, October 18, 2009

Always living in anticipation...

Gratitude -
1. Peace and quiet
2. Fall Weddings
3. Unexpected 'gifts'...
4. Hugs
5. Farm Town!

Always living in anticipation may mean I miss this moment!

I believe life is gift! We did not do anything, nor can we do anything to deserve it... It just 'is'. However, I find myself living a lot of my life in the great not yet - living in anticipation of what will be. Looking forward to trips or projects or finishing tasks or a visit or maybe even Santa.

While there is nothing inherently wrong or sinful about the excitement of anticipation (or the dread) I wonder what I may overlook and miss out on in this moment by always looking ahead?

"Waiting for Godot" was a play written in the last century. A cast of characters appear on stage with minimal props, but all are waiting - waiting on someone named Godot. Of course, he never arrives. In some ways it is a tragic play because Godot represents GOD. And the story line indicates no matter what ones' hopes or dreams or desires or needs might be, GOD has the tendency to always disappoint because He/She never shows up.

Where is God for you? Is He/She always 'out there' somewhere in the great beyond? Do you live life always waiting? I know that I live way too much of my life in the great not yet... planning, preparing, anticipating, hoping, dreaming, longing, wondering and wandering - not that often arriving!

Lord, what would it take for me to be in this very moment with You? My prayer this day is for clarity in each moment, yet hope - and being alive to reality, yet faith. May I be found giving thanks for what is - not in anxiety regarding what is not yet... Grant that I may accept Your grace and be thankful. May I be thankful for each breath and rejoice.

Through Christ, O Lord

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Private logic...

Gratitude -
1. The human mind
2. The human body
3. The human spirit
4. Stretching in all three!
5. Growth - no matter the age...

When two people are in a similar situation, there are a zillion and one ways they will not see the world precisely the same. That unique perspective is called 'private logic' - a term coined by psychologist Alfred Adler.

Humans are an incredible mixture of gifts. Some hold gifts of intelligence while others have great physical abilities. The older I get the more I respect the 'fathers and mothers' of our world - the ancients, both dead and alive, that still share their wisdom and speak to our spirit.

But with the passing of time I have turned some kind of corner on accepting another person's private view or interpretation of anything as totally sacred. Yes, they might have great insight and understanding. Plaques and diplomas may fill their walls indicating their learnedness. They may have achieved much on the ladder of earthly success and be called 'leader - pastor - CEO - author - president'. Terms like 'charismatic' or 'great' may be used to describe them. Trophies may fill their bookcases and line their walls. Some may call them 'church fathers' or 'saint'. Yet, they only have their own 'private logic' to share... some truth and some fiction. Not one of us captures all truth!

For one reared in the Bible Belt and nurtured in the concept of 'deny yourself' and 'respect all authorities', this is new territory for me. I am growing to appreciate my own private logic and see it valid in discourse and dialogue with others. While I respect all authorities, I also have the right to respectfully disagree with authority. I have the right to my own interpretations. And as long as I remain in a faithful community of brothers and sisters commited to the journey, I will be fine. It is a balance I now seek!

Holy scripture says, "Come let us reason together"

Lord - thank You for my own mind, body and spirit! I give You thanks for those along my path who have nurtured and informed my way. Those who have challenged and encouraged. But forgive me for waiting so long to trust my own core and my own relationship with You. I give thanks that I am still a work in progress and process. Grant that I may continue to trust our journey.

Through Christ, I pray

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Gratitude Journal -
1. Generous people
2. Reunions with old friends
3. The gift of humor
4. SEC Football Saturdays
5. Chris and Jenny's farm!

Since there are no luggage racks on top of the hearse,
I guess we will all be generous in the end...

It is one thing to be generous with our own property and belongings,
it is another to be generous with our benevolence and positive attitude toward others!

A recent visit with friends of long ago reminded me of deep gaps between some of these brothers and sisters in our ancient past. Yet, in the few hours we spent together we chose to be not just civil, but actually caring toward one another. Some had lost their spouse, while others had serious physical struggles. Others shared wounds suffered in the recent economic pains being born by so many in our nation over this past year or two. Together we grieved the loss of mutual friends who used to walk the halls with us, share jokes and laughter, and pray along side us in chapel...

I wonder if we were just all on our best behavior or if something more was afoot. If we scratched just a little bit I am sure we could have started some lively and possibly troubling exchange. However, I believe we all desired, not just to be peaceful with one another, but to actually find ways to 'connect'. The deep hope was to be generous toward one another. To be gracious and kind and forgiving and supportive. To be merciful and truly care - in the name of Christ, the One who brought us together in the first place.

Sure, I could have given up a little money, if called upon. I might have provided food, clothes, shelter or contributed in several different ways to be of encouragement toward some of my old friends. However God granted a change in my attitude and in my heart. In that special moment in time, it was as if I saw with a new set of eyes.

Lord - I pray for my 'friends' and their current journey. Bless each one! However I also pray that I might not rest in my past. Open before me Your continuing grace and may I be generous toward all - friend and stranger alike. Jesus' example - with thousands or one on one - is my best guide. Grant that Your Holy Spirit will lead me to see opportunities to open my heart and may I have the will to do so...

In Christ I pray -