Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Life Well Lived... A Lenten Reflection

Gratitude Journal 2-14-13
    1. Ruth Elizabeth Adcock - GRANDMA
    3. Grand kids - new discoveries each day!
    4. New Home for OSCAR - (more later...)
    5. 25 years at the P.I.

Our beloved grandma - Ruth Elizabeth Adcock - lies near death at the local hospice house.  She suffered a massive stroke early Monday morning.  She has indeed 'fought a good fight and kept the faith'.  She has embodied a well lived life!

She has been fondly known as 'grandma' or 'Aunt Beth' by all.  She has been my mother-in-law for over 46 years.  She will be celebrated as the mom of two - grandmother to three and great-grandma six.  She worked for SEARS as a bookkeeper for many years and was actually born in Florida 94 years ago.  (Most seniors now living there we not born there!).  She lived most of her life in West Palm Beach, Florida.  She was married to George.

Now we wait.  Now we reflect.  Now we remember... 

This is the season of LENT - a time to 'give up' or 'sacriface' something as a gentle, everyday reminder of God's grace and mercy for us, and universal love for the world and all creation.  As we prepare to 'give up' grandma to God's loving care eternally, we give thanks for the gift of her life, her faithfulness to family and to her God and her love for family and friend alike.  Her humor could blind-side you and her hospitality was legendary. 

Some might say this reflection is 'pre-mature' while grand-ma is still with us... but she is here in body only.  We/she has been blessed that her final chapter appears to be so pain free.  Her transition is peaceful.  What a gift for all those who love her during this most blessed season of the Christian year. 

Thank You God for your love - shared through this wife, mother, grand-mother, great-grandmother, aunt, sister-in-law, and beloved friend.


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