Friday, December 7, 2012

Pressure to take a vacation...

Pressure to take a vacation...

Over this past year I have been extremely busy.  I have been assisting clergy and congregations in addressing obstacles standing in the way of a more fruitful ministry.  It has been exciting, challenging, fulfilling, joyful and at times anxiety producing!  It has never been dull.

Although I have taken some time away for a break with my wife, kids and grands, I have not 'used up' all my vacation days.  So now at the end of the year I am have created another 'pressure' for myself.  Either find a way to use the days OR I will loose them. 

So I recently looked over the calendar and carved out almost three weeks of 'down-time'.  Beth (my wife) indicates that there won't be much 'down' about it - ha.  But I do hope and plan to set aside some private time for reflection during Advent and prepare my heart more for the gifts God has in store. 

I pray for a peaceful heart and thereby peaceful relationships with all those I come in contact with this year.  I pray for a hopefulness to fill my mind, so that I may share positive hope with anxious persons around me.
I pray for gracefulness with myself, in hopes that I will be graceful toward those who are hard and bitter.
I pray for joy to radiate from my life, particularly for those filled with sadness and pain, so they might be restored.
And finally I pray for LOVE - God's love for all! 

May it be so Lord, may it be so...


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